Other documents

Normative documents


Social Insurance Code

LAW on the State Social Insurance Budget for 2021

LAW on measures against money laundering

GUIDELINE for the implementation of the Law on measures against money laundering

REGULATION on the categorisation of work at retirement

INSTRUCTION No. 1 of 21.02.2006 on the procedure and method of service allocation to persons who have not opted for the supplementary compulsory pension fund

DIRECTIVE No 3 of 24.09.2003 on the procedure for changing participation and transferring accumulated funds

Ordinance No 9 of 19.11.2003 on the method and procedure for valuing the assets and liabilities of the company and the funds, declaring the value per unit and keeping individual accounts and analytical accounts

DIRECTIVE No 12 of 10.12.2003 on the method and procedure for determining the minimum yield for the management of the assets of supplementary compulsory pension funds

DIRECTIVE No 29 of 12.07.2006 on the minimum level of credit ratings of banks and the determination of countries, international financial organisations, markets and indices of these markets

DIRECTIVE No 33 of 19.09.2006 on individual applications for participation and renewal of insurance

REGULATION No 34 of 4.10.2006 on the conditions for concluding transactions to reduce the investment risk associated with the assets of supplementary pension funds and payment funds

REGULATION No 47 of 11.07.2012 on the requirements for the information systems of pension insurance companies

DIRECTIVE No 61 of 27.09.2018 on the requirements for the advertising and written information materials and websites of pension insurance companies

REGULATION No 69 of 15.06.2021 on the technical interest rates referred to in Art. 169, para. 1(3) and 8(3) of the Social Insurance Code and the formulae for calculating supplementary old-age pensions

REGULATION No 70 of 29 June 2021 on the requirements for funds to make payments




Procedure and time limits for receiving, examining and responding to complaints

Remuneration policy at POD DALLBOGG: Life and Health EAD

Rules for personal transactions in “POD DallBogg: Life and Health” EAD

Legitimation document of the Insurance intermediary at “POD DallBogg: Life and Health” EAD

Legitimation document of an authorised person of the Insurance intermediary to “POD DallBogg: Life and Health” EAD